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Lynn A. Leonard

Lynn is the founder of High Expectations. She received her undergraduate degree in English from Suffolk University and law degree from New England School of Law. She spent many years practicing law with a focus on Civil Rights and Children and Family Law. Prior to founding High Expectations, she served as an educational advocate and represented both students and teachers in employment and civil rights matters. 

Robert W. Klemm

Bob studied Business and Financial Planning at Boston College. For the past 30 years, he has owned and operated an independent real estate and property management firm.  He is also the Business Manager for Second Chance for Youth Offenders, a local nonprofit organization offering rehabilitative services to under served youth. Bob connects international students with housing in the U.S. and serves as the Designated School Official at High Expectations.

Katie Fontes
Instructional Coach

Katerina ("Katie") graduated from the University of St. Andrews with a Bachelor or Arts in French and Latin and a post graduate Master's degree in TESOL from University College London. Her experiences living and working abroad in the UK, Thailand and China demonstrate why she's qualified for the job. During her time in Asia, Katie was an EAL specialist and listening instructor. Before joining High Expectations, she also taught English language learners in the Charlestown and Boston Public schools.


Kimberly Duong
Student Services Coordinator 

Kimberly graduated from Syracuse University College of Arts and Sciences with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Linguistic Studies. She was an English language instructor at the English Language Institute at Syracuse University and joined our team as an ESL teacher before becoming the Assistant Director of Faculty. She is presently pursuing her Masters's degree in Linguistics at the University of Massachusetts in Boston and is bilingual in English and Vietnamese.

Guilherme Locks.jpg

Guilherme Locks
Director of Marketing/Admissions Officer

Guilherme received an Advertising and Marketing degree from Unisul University in Brazil in 2006 and operated his own agency from 2010 to 2016. He was responsible for numerous successful marketing campaigns throughout his career prior to relocating to the USA. He is the current Director of Marketing at High Expectations and assists students with the admissions process.

Dylan Photo.jpg

Dylan Snyder 
Communications Assistant

Dylan received a Communications degree from Salem State University and interned at High Expectations. During his two summer internships, he did various tasks including writing articles for High Expectations, creating a library database for the school, and developing social media content.

Thomas Scanlon
ESL Teacher

Thomas graduated Boston College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature and was Magna Cum Laude. In 2016, he officially received his certificate to teach English. Since then, he taught in Italy for a few years and currently works in the Boston area. One of his jobs includes teaching English to the immigrant parents of Boston Public Schools students.

Roy Barrows
ESL Teacher

Roy graduated from Boston College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Broadcasting and Film. He initially started his career as a stand-up and improv comedian, stage actor and was a small business owner of a traffic school, which incorporated his skill to make others laugh. He started transitioning into his ESL career in 2008, guest lecturing to students in Xinjiang via an exchange program with Stamford College. His love for comedy still remains handy teaching English to the students at High Expectations.

Janet Photo.jpg

Janet Rachidi
ESL Teacher

Janet is a woman of multiple passions as she graduated Lenoir-Rhyne University with a degree in Special Education for young children who are hearing impaired. Four years later, she studied at the University of Delaware to pursue her passion of teaching English as a second language. Throughout the years, she has divided her energy towards the two and at one point worked in Morocco and the United Arab Emirates. 

Rowena Huang Picture.jpg

Rowena Huang
ESL Teacher

Rowena graduated from Kean University, located in China, with a Bachelor of Arts in English. She pursued a postgraduate degree in TESOL from Boston University. During her six years of higher education between China and Boston, she had multiple ESL teaching internships to prepare her for opportunity like High Expectations.

Mariusz Bojarczuk Bio.jpg

Mariusz Bojarczuk
ESL Teacher

Mariuz received a Bachelor’s Degree in ESL from Adam Mickiewicz University, a school in Poland, and a Master’s Degree from UMass Boston in Special Education and Teaching. His impressive ESL resume includes teaching at Bunker Hill Community College and Northeastern University for 13 years, Boston University and Newton North High School. 

Geno Spina

Geno graduated Bentley University with a degree in Accounting and Business Management. In over 30 years, he has utilized his financial savvy for many different companies including Tufts Electronics Group, Kentron Technologies and NuView Systems, Inc.

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