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The 3rd Essay Writing Contest
High School



•Organizer:Write the World, MATV, Malden Wicked Local

•Sponsor:High Expectations LLC

•The goal of this Writing Contest is to encourage students to develop their writing ability, a skill critical to future academic and professional success. Winners are recognized with cash prizes, publication of winning essays in local news media, and Certificates of Achievement. 



Jeremy Heflin, artist, photographer, and professor of communication studies, Emerson College. Heflin teaches academic writing, nonfiction, and creative writing. 


Leslie Brokaw, deputy editor of Global Healthcare Insights, former editor-in-chief of She writes about film and the business of art as a weekly columnist for Boston Globe.


Laura Krantz, journalist for multiple newspapers in the U.S. Laura has covered criminal justice, local news, higher education and politics.


Prompt A:Op-ed

•Perhaps the most democratic form of journalism, the op-ed is founded on the idea that every person has a voice worthy of a public platform. In that spirit, we invite you to pick up a pen and share your opinion with the masses. What change would you like to see in the world? In your country? In your community? From climate change to national politics to your school’s culture—we want to hear your opinion about something that matters to you.

•Form: Persuasive

•Length: 600-1,000 words    


Prompt B:Short Story

•Literature has forever captured the special elixir that is friendship—in the great stories that bind Horatio and Hamlet, Harry and Hermione, Scout and Dill, Frodo and Sam. Sometimes fraught with friction and sometimes smooth as silk, friendships have the power to illuminate much about the experience of being human. Write a short fictitious story about friendship, with all its doublings of joy and dividings of grief. Your entry can be entirely imagined or inspired by an experience from your own life.

•Form: Fictional Story

•Length: 600-1,000 words

•Mail to: with Subject: “Essay Contest Registration” 

•Information required:

  • Student Name

  • Address

  • Telephone

  • E-mail

  • School & Grade

  • Prompt A or B

•Deadline for submission: 2019.06.30 

•Submit to: with Subject: “Essay Submission”

•Submit essay as an attachment in a Word file

•Format of the Essay:

First Line:  Name, School, Grade, Prompt A or B

Title: 14 pt.      Body: 12 pt.      Single-spaced  

Font: Times New Roman



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